10 Sexy Scandals

8. Rekha (1991)
On one fine morning in 1991, Mukesh Aggarwal, the owner of Nikitasha Kitchenette, hanged himself with a dupatta that belonged to his resplendent wife, Rekha. The couple had barely been married for a year and Rekha had even moved to New Delhi in the hope of finding marital bliss. There were dark rumours of her having moved to New Delhi for other reasons, but then again her alleged affair with the Big B remains an urban legend anyway (in the early-'80s he had moved to New Delhi as an Member of Parliament). The backlash was severe: The Times of India carried the story on the front page, something that was unprecedented for Bollywood coverage in a national daily in pre-liberalization India. And The Illustrated Weekly of India carried a cover story with Rekha on it and a headline that read 'The National Vamp'. That was harsh. 

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