Do You Wonder

Do You Wonder

What they might be saying to each other?
If they can hear the waves whisper as they reach shore?
If they can smell the sea salt carried on the breeze?
The sand beneath their feet and between their toes?
The warmth of the sun sat upon the horizon?
Or do they only feel the closeness of each other?

I watched them walk together along the edge of the water, her feet being hit by the waves and his attention fixed on her. They spoke softly as they passed me wrapped up in a world that consists of only each other. Yet they never touched, maybe a new romance :)

Good morning G+, thank you everyone that has stuck by me of late in my issues of getting my mind back on track, I have had so many messages of support its been wonderful, I will get around to answering them as soon as I can.

Have a wonderful day.

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