10 Sexy Scandals

2. Pamela Bordes (1988)
Okay, she isn't exactly Bollywood. Pamela Bordes (nee Pamela Singh) was a Jaipur-based diva who won the Miss India pageant in 1982. She shortly moved to England after this. Flash forward to 1988 and Pamela Bordes (she briefly was married to a Frenchman) was the leading lady of Britain’s biggest sex scandal, ever. One of England’s highest-paid escorts at allegedly 10000 pounds a night, her client list was stellar indeed: Colonel Gaddafi (the gentleman was killed by revolting mobs in the turbulent Arab Spring that also swept past Libya), arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi (a co-culprit, they say, in the Bofors arms kickback scandal that brought down the Rajiv Gandhi government in the late ‘80s) and several Members of Parliament in Westminster (oh, what a liberal decade it must have been for a Conservative-dominated Parliament).  Hounded by the red tops, Pamela Bordes was forced to leave the UK and return to homeland India, where she went back to her maiden name, Pamela Singh. Singh bought posh farmhouses in New Delhi and Jaipur with her savings and reinvented herself as a photographer/painter. 

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