10 Sexy Scandals

3. Monica Bedi (2002)
The Bombay bomb blasts were one of the city's nastiest brushes with the underworld, a comeuppance supposedly for the Hindu-Muslim riots of early 1993. The culprit: Abu Salem. Flash forward to 2002. Location: Lisbon, Portugal. When Abu Salem was arrested, out from the woodwork emerged a lesser-known starlet, Monica Bedi. This failed actress it turned out had been playing homemaker to this gangster for close to a decade. It seems she had been his wife for many years and that they were shuttling between countries, while Abu was trying to make a life for himself as a fugitive. Despite her repeated denials of being Salem's wife, the gangster himself claims that they got married in a mosque in Los Angeles in November 2000. Monica Bedi found a short lease of life via reality show Bigg Boss, a haven for freaks of all ilk. 

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